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Our effort is to make new published books information / news available to readers directly, so that you do not have to worry too much. It is our endeavor to know that all publishers’ books information /news are here. We observe the book, then publish them with information here. Also provides information about all those stores, where the related book is available, because many times the reader does not have time to look for a book.

Therefore, we publish information about the upcoming book, which gets directly to the reader directly. Along with that, we also publish interviews of new old writers and discuss their books. If you are the author then you can send your book review to us for publication. If your book is newly published, then with a store information, you can send us for free publication. If you want to publish your interview on indiBooks, Click Here to Submit.

If you are a publisher or a writer, all of us can take advantage of the services. But if the authors want to promote their own book through us then there is a special discount for them. If any of your books have been published, or any other information you would like to contact us by e-mail indibooks.in@gmail.com.


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Useful Websites

The Sahitya is a most popular platform for writers, poets, sahityakar and freelance writers and bloggers. Where anyone author, freelancer, poet can publish their poems, ghazals, articles or other compositions.

Akshaya Gaurav is a e-Magazine / Print Magazine / Web Portal that was founded in 2011 by Rajender Singh Bisht. In it, content is published in various disciplines of Hindi literature from world of hindi sahitya.

You can publish books in poetry collection, story collection, ghazals, novel and other genres through Prachi Digital Publication. Our effort is to publish a better quality book for the author at a minimum price.

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Prachi Digital Publication is the Indian publishing house, which is entirely devoted to the interests of the authors. The aim of Prachi Digital Publication is to publish high quality books for the authors at least in the budget, for which we are committed. According to the author’s budget, all services related to self publishing provide e-books, paperback, hardcover, online distribution, cover designing, graphic designing. Print books and digital books published by us are distributed in country and abroad. Presently, Prachi Digital Publication is the publishing house paying the highest percentage royalties. Several time writers struggle to become published authors. Our aim to empower authors to get their books published.