An interview with Soma Bose, author of the novel ‘Zameen – The Land’


Currently, the best seller author has captured the hearts of readers by writing novels on topics like Ishq, Action and Thrill. At the same time, Soma Bose, author of Zameen – the Land, has made the most out of these farmers the main subject of his novel. Our team met Soma and had an interview. She very politely answered our questions and said that the farmer is the annadata of our country. So I thought that everyone is writing on love and adventure, but no one is writing on farmers. Many congratulations to Soma from indiBooks and We wish God that this novel be the best seller.. Here are some excerpts from your conversation with Soma.

indiBooks : Do you briefly introduce yourself in your own words?
Soma Bose : Writing is my passion from very beginning, first started with small articles on Indian Express, Pune (In the year 1996-97), later started writing some online poems and micro flash stories(Published on Friday flash fiction,, Indus woman writing, High on poems). I also published a story through Amazon-kindle named “Between the lips and a cup of tea” (e-book). I completed Hons graduation in political sc in early nineties from Kolkata University, later completed post graduation diploma in computer science from Uptron-Acl, Kakurgachi, Kolkata. I also designated with a post of computer Instructor in Central Modern School, Dum Dum Cant(Kolkata). From very beginning I was fond of reading novels and stories and I often used to attend National Library, Alipore, Kolkata as a reader-member. Later on, my passion of reading turned into a passion of writing also. After my marriage I settled in Pune and I got a scope to write down some articles on Indian Express, Pune with its feature editor smt. Vinita Deshmukh.

indiBooks : Tell us something about the first book?
Soma Bose : Zameen- The Land is my first published paperback book. In this book, readers will discover the replica of ‘Farmer class’ in our country, specially they will be well versed with the circumstances which many farmers in our country face in real but I composed the story from my own imagination where all characters, places and the narrated incidents represented just my own thinking, not any real fact happened in any part of our country.

indiBooks : Where did you get inspiration for first book publishing?
Soma Bose : In our country, more than sixty percent people still reside in village, so I choose to write their stories. It is little bit different from modern trend of fantacy and typical love story.

indiBooks : How long did it take you to write ‘Zameen – The Land’?
Soma Bose : Almost six months as every word I written so carefully and after deep thought I penned down the words.

indiBooks : We know that you have given too much time for ‘Zameen -the land’. Can you tell us how your routine was while writing this book?
Soma Bose : I am a busy house-wife, so time frame was very much restricted after a whole day’s tidy work, I used to manage my own time of writing.

indiBooks : ‘Zameen -The Land’ is your first printed self published book. How much support did your family and friends get for this?
Soma Bose : My family supported me a lot, specially my two sons who still Inspire me a lot.

indiBooks : The greatest achievement of your life that you want to share with our readers?
Soma Bose : Obviously it was when my one article published first time on ‘Indian Express’ jointly with Smt. Vinita Deshmukh in the year of 1996-97, Vinitaji was the feature editor of ‘Indian Express’, Pune. She inspired me a lot.

indiBooks : Would you like to tell such an incident of your life which has inspired you and is also inspiring for readers?
Soma Bose : Actually very few of my friends know me as a writer because I never unnecessarily introduced myself as a writer in front of them because I always think those who are in touch of writing world and have good reading habit will recognize me one day, I should be self campaigner of myself specially near them who are bias of being optimistic concerning their own knowledge. One of them one day questioned me about my qualification, my knowledge Of literature and at that time I remained quiet but later he recognized me as a writer. This incident learnt me a lot that ‘Not my words, my work will realize them my real culture.’

indiBooks : How did publishers collaborate and experience in the book publication journey?
Soma Bose : Prachi Digital Publication really means a lot of worth to me in real. Not only my work but their hard work, honesty contributed a lot.

indiBooks : Want to give a message to your readers and fans?
Soma Bose : Yes, if u have good reading and writing habit, never give up.

indiBooks : What do you want to say about the future of world of Novel?
Soma Bose : Penning down a novel is not a child’s play, it is a passion, hard work, a thoughtful innovation of every writer. Previously, it was the only work of paper and pen and now digital transformation happened. But the value of reading and writing of novel remains same and readers should evaluate one thing that every novel can not be judged through its application in movies, dramas, many of them still are in form of printed books, e-books. If readers spare some moments to read the novels, if their reading habit grows, the future of novel world will sparkle more.

indiBooks : Would you like to remain in the writing world even in future?
Soma Bose : Yes, obviously, till my last life.

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