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We thank the authoress Anshita Dhoot, who has given time for interview to indiBooks recently. Anshita is a successful authoress and several of her books have been published. The indiBooks team is presenting Anshita’s interview for readers. Our team is confident that readers will love this interview.

indiBooks : Do you briefly introduce yourself in your own words?

Anshita Dhoot : I have been researcher since a very long time, pursuing my PhD in cyber security at Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology, Moscow. I am an engineer, a researcher, an author and a poet of the twenty-first century. I comprehend her keen interest in writing and researching, while I find treasure to converse with people and know more about them. I am fond of peripatetic and meets people who travel with her. I find the best place to know more about life, the human’s mind, and their souls. So, I love writing and inspiring people.

indiBooks : Tell us something about the first book?

Anshita Dhoot : My first book is “The Rehabilitation” that I have published on 2019 February 19.

Most youngsters, teenagers, and toddlers find no value in their lives, but they don’t know how treasonable their lives are in reality.

People are letting themselves down by envisaging that they’re not good enough in a particular thing. Everyone is upright outside on your door to critic you, parents, societies, communities, schools, colleges, families, friends, relatives, neighbours, etc.

The cerebral stress someone receives is not good enough to recuperate from those things which ain’t meant to be articulated.

Person to person fluctuates, and every little thing matters. While standing at your own door outside and you’re marveling what someone is allowed to come in or not, that door will be the line from where you can take a new flinch, or you can go vertebral. Considerately, it’s relying on you and your sweats. Every single stride of yours will lead you towards your goal.

Dreams can be converted into reality, only you have the power to change it into triumph. Neither anybody is there to stand beside you nor to handle you at your worse.

Everyone is busy in their own life, and somehow, somewhere they’re all fighting with their lives and doing things to maintain their own mundane existence. Life is full of opportunities, what matters is someone’s point of outlook and way of approach.

Everybody is exclusive and different. They all have their own touches of melancholy, anxieties, timorousness, glitches, and bliss.

If everyone is fighting with their inner soul, you must wonder about yourself because nobody will be there, no one will bother about those things that are happening to you.

indiBooks : Tell us about your recently published book?

Anshita Dhoot : I found many lives struggling with their mundane, and trying very hard to survive in this world. The world full of Internets and social media became a little toxic. We don’t have anyone real to share and to understand what we feel. Emotions are almost dead, still humans are left with pain. I decided to lead my writing career, where I tried to motivate young minds for sharing their life-stories with all of us. I compiled and edited their work, so that they could feel good about their existence. My recently published book is “The 27 Tales”, it is about 27 peoples’ stories.

“The hardest part of life is to live with the guilt of revenge or guilt of misdoing. We don’t allow things to let go and forget that as much as we hold the things we punish ourselves. By doing so, we never will enable us to live freely and always find ourselves under the piles of responsibilities.

Similarly, people around us find the same situations but different aspects to survive their lives. We neither let the things go nor do we lose those things we hold. Under the grudges, we try to find our comfort without knowing that serenity is lying on the next side of this shore.

The chaos created by this world, we try to make peace within, but without knowing the reality of the life which revolves around the only fact of self-realization. This anthology contains the 27 tales of those writers, who understand the presence of survival and trying to put their experiences in front of the world to help each other, then people will never meet solitariness in this chaotic world.

There are 27 unique tales represents each kind of emotion a human can have for instance love, pain, grief, agony, success, failure, embarrassment, and so forth, also contains the self-realizations or confessions by the 27 writers who chose to write to express how they feel and what they had realized.

Through their stories, these journeys of each writer can feel the upside-down life of a mediocre man who tries to find peace in this world. Relish the reading of their information and find out your connection with the real-life story. The more you think, the more you get clarity.

Live life on your own conditions and help others make sure that humanity is surviving even after the hatred and negativity around the world. Be the lamp in the darkness.

If you want to share any thought of yours, you are most welcome to this platform, nobody is going to judge you for anything. We are just prolonging our friendly hand to you. All you need to do is to accept it and to write whatever story you have to tell. Never think twice to express yourself in front of the right people.

“We hope you will enjoy reading.”

indiBooks : Where did you get inspiration for first book publishing?

Anshita Dhoot : This century is little harsh on everyone, we seek attention, true love and genuine care. The irony is, we don’t find it anywhere. There were a phase of my life, where I chose not to sulk in my depressed world, because I can survive this life, I deserve better life. I figured out my worth of living and I started writing my doubts, pains, griefs, happiness, and anguishes in the paper. The Rehabilitation includes the overcome stories from your heartbreaks, broken relationships, and lost friendship.

Everything you say, it may hurt someone deeply, and people don’t give a shit about other’s emotions. From there, I found my inspiration in me, and I kept motivating me. All you have is yourself, and you can’t dare to loose you. It leads me to the writing world, where I can find serenity and love.

indiBooks : What is your favourite writing method, in which you do the most writing?

Anshita Dhoot : Hard to say, as there is not at all any method tow write. I write what I feel. You may say, I feel compassion, empathy and understanding the situation of other person that helps me to give the perspective of other’s mind. I love writing motivation and inspirational stories, so that I could motivate youngsters of the entire world to make them feel secure and no-so-heartbroken.

indiBooks : Are you planning to write or publish a book in the present or future?

Anshita Dhoot : Yes, definitely. This was my hobby, it becomes my passion now. During this journey, I came to know that whatever I am doing, it gives me kick. I feel happy about it. I am also looking for compiling and editing people’s stories and published their work. It makes me worthy for human-welfare.

indiBooks : Want to give a message to your readers and fans?

Anshita Dhoot : All I want to say, this is the only life you have, no afterlife, no heaven or no hell you have. In this one life, try to be the best version of yourself. Your heart will lead you what you are meant to be. You need to understand instincts of good. If you are feeling drowning in your thoughts, you need to understand and trust your family. You need to discuss things with them, even if you don’t find yourself sharing anything with them, then go to your favorite sibling or cousin, but elder one, because same age group person, will suggest you with their opinion, may not provide something you actually need to listen to them at the time. Be happy. It really matters.

indiBooks : Apart from writing, what are your other hobbies, which you like to do in your free time?

Anshita Dhoot : Usually, I don’t have free time. Either I write, travel or do my research work. I like doing exercise and playing outdoor games. I don’t consider writing as my hobby, rather say that, it is my passion or peace.

indiBooks : Would you like to remain in the writing world even in future?

Anshita Dhoot : Why not? I always have things to share and motivate people, then why should I stop writing. I have abundant stories to share with this world that makes them feel little miserable and worthy. So, I guess, I will keep going with it, maybe sometimes it takes a year or few months, but I choose keep writing and inspiring.

About the Authoress Book

It is much harder to express the feeling of a person than to express what you feel. Life gives you reasons to keep going, no matter what the situation. Somehow, life shows you the way to live your life. Some of those feelings are in this book, in the form of poetry. Some real-life experiences were shown through poetry.



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