Dr. Rajkumar Shandilya


Dr. Rajkumar Shandilya is a senior spokesperson and litterateur. Dr. Rajkumar Shandilya writes in genres like Poetry, Story and Story. The author’s literary works have also been published in many anthologies, which continue to the present day. Dr. Rajkumar Shandilya has received the honor for better teaching work and has also been awarded for outstanding literary creation.

Personal Profile

Mother’s Name: Smt. Kamala Devi (Late)

Father’s Name: Shri Kishorilal ‘Shastri’ (Late)

Education: Shastri, Prabhakar, Educationist, M.A. Ph.D

Occupation : Hindi-spokesperson. For the first time since 1989, D.A.V.Public C.S. Hindi-teacher in School Ropar (Punjab) and 28 years Sanskrit-teacher in Education Department, Chandigarh Administration since 1993.

Composition Publication: “Bhasate Bhuvi Bharat Desh:” Sanskrit poetry, ‘Anushilan of Enk Panchadashi by Acharya Mathuradutt Pandey’, Hindi translation of Enk Panchadashi by Acharya Mathuradutt Pandey, Motilal Banarasi Das, Sahitya Surbhi shared poetry compilation.

Honor : State Institute of Education (Chandigarh) Ku. V. Board (Kurukshetra), World Peace Mission, Bhai Veer Sahitya Sadan (Delhi) honored for literary collaboration with All World Gayatri Pariwar. Awarded many times for cent percent results and cultural activities from the teacher-parent association. Human No. V. Minister Smt. Smriti Irani (2015), Director Ms. Awarded by Education Chandigarh (2017).

Published Books

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