Dr. Usha Singh Yadav


Dr. Usha Kiran Yadav is a senior writer and poet. Dr. Usha Kiran writes in the genres of poetry, short stories, essays and songs. Dr. Usha Kiran’s literary works are also published in many newspapers and magazines. Dr. Usha Kiran’s literary works have been published in many anthologies.

Date of Birth : 01.04.1955

Place of Birth : Sitapur (U.P.)

Father : Late Shri Tameshwar Prasad Yadav

Mother : Late Smt. Damayanti Devi Yadav

Education: Post Graduate (English, Sociology), Ph.D. (Sociology), B.Ed., (Retired Principal)

Works published in anthologies: Gaureya ke Par, Jane Kitni Shahstrabdiyan, Nari Tu Aparajita, Kavya Rachna (The Cadet), Ekta aur Anushashan etc., poems published from time to time in major national newspapers and magazines of the country.

Writing : Originally Poetry (Muktak, New Geet), Essay, ‘Luminous Sunshine’ under light

Interests : Poetry recitation, talk, writing, teaching, administrative activities related to NCC (Major post), regular poetry recitation on the occasion of Basant Panchami, running Yoga camp (Haridwar), regular involvement in social service related events.

Published Books

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