Dr. Vineet Vidyarthi


Dr. Vineet Vidyarthi is a philosopher, senior litterateur, astrologer and architect. Dr. Many books of Vineet Vidyarthi have been published. Dr. Vineet students write in the genres of poetry, story etc. In addition, Dr. Vineet Vidyarthi is associated with many institutions, and is holding high positions in many institutions.

Personal Profile

Occupation : Astrologer and Vastuist

Education: Ph.D./M.Phil./M.D./B.Ed./L.L.M./HMDS/Jyotish Baridhi/Jyotish Pragya/Tantra-Bhushanacharya/Ved-Skilled/Mantra- specialist/

Honors and Designation: Director / Manager – Gayatri Shaktipeeth Dham Ganj Awla Bareilly Uttar Pradesh.

National Director : All India Council for Sanskrit Pikas Amritsar Punjab

Professor : Bharatmiya Vedic Jyotish Sansthanam Jyotish Vishwavidyalaya Baransi, U.P.

Manager : Gayatri Vidyapeeth East School, Aola Bareilly / Student Coaching Institute

Writings/Compositions: 1-Gayatri, the basis of life, 2-Yagyen Papaiah Bahubhivimukta, 3-History of Tantra Mantra Yantra and its utility, 4-Gayatri Tatvdarshan, 5-History of Magnet Medicine, 6-Fruit Astrology and Home Shaman, 7- Yagyaopathy, 8-Prayer, 9-Muktimarg, 10-and Katha Kahani Poetry Sangha Poetry hymns published in many shared collections

Published Books

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