Pawan Verma


Jammu resident writer and poet Pawan Kumar Verma has been an active co-writer in many compilations and is always active in the field of Hindi literature. The author has received many honors so far for his invaluable literary contribution in the field of literature. Pavan Varma is an engineer by profession.

Personal Profile

Date of Birth : 01-10-1983

Father’s Name : Mr. Ranmohan Verma

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Veerati Verma

Wife’s Name: Smt. Pallavi Arora Verma

Profession : Electrical Engineer (Communication Sector)

Honors: Mata Champa Devi National Art Award 2019, Mahatma Gandhi Darshan Award 2019, Prabhat Gaurav Samman 2020, Kalki Gaurav Samman 2020, National Talent Award 2020, Poetry Swarna Samman 2020, Sahitya Praneta Award 2020, Ra. Agarbhasha Boli Samman 2020.

Other achievements: Other achievements: Pavan Varma is very active in writing as well as in theatre. He has been associated with theater since last 20 years. The author has staged at many national and international levels. Prominent among which are Year of India in Russia, Moscow-2009, Frankfurt International Theater Festival, Frankfurt-2009, Common Wealth Games-2010, 101st Indian Science Congress-2014, International Theater Olympics-2018 etc.

Published Books

  1. Swadesh Prem (Anthology)
  2. Anamika (Anthology)
  3. Udaan (Anthology)
  4. निकक्डे़ फंघडू उच्ची उडा़न (बाल कविताएं सांझा संग्रह)
  5. मां तेरे आंचल की छांव (साझा काव्य संग्रह -वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड बुक)
  6. साहित्य मंजरी (साझा काव्य संग्रह)
  7. डोगरें दियां मेदां (साझा काव्य संग्रह)
  8. पांचजन्य काव्य समूह (साझा काव्य संग्रह)
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